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Discussion in 'Snippets' started by Vektor42O, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Vektor42O

    Vektor42O Active Member

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    Jan 24, 2017
    I hope this will work. This code works only on client side.
    API.onUpdate.connect(function() {
        if(API.isControlPressed(25))//Is Player aiming
            var aimPos = API.getPlayerAimingPoint(API.getLocalPlayer());     //getting aiming position in 3d world
            var camPos = API.getGameplayCamPos();                            //getting camera position in 3d world
            aimPos = new Vector3( 
                                );    //Set aimPos 12 times far away using camPos, because getPlayerAimingPoint does not always hit objects
            var rayCast = API.createRaycast(camPos, aimPos, 12, API.getLocalPlayer()); //create the raycast between camPos and aimPos, with detecting peds only, (ignoring yours just in case)
            if (rayCast.didHitEntity)//Is Raycast hits a (gta:n) entity
                var hitPlayer = rayCast.hitEntity; //extract the player object
                API.sendChatMessage("You are aiming at " + API.getPlayerName(hitPlayer) + " right now!");
    This is just an example. You should not use this code on 120Hz tickrate. It's ok in every 2 secs.

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