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Project : Los Santos

Discussion in 'Server Advertisements' started by P:LS Management, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. P:LS Management

    P:LS Management New Member

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    Jul 2, 2018
    Project : Los Santos

    Website : https://projectls,wixsite,com/website
    Forum : http://project-los-santos,boards,net/
    Teamspeak : projectls,ddns,net /
    Discord : https://discord,gg/Hz7GEbW


    Project : Los Santos is a San Andreas Multiplayer roleplay server based in the city of Los Santos. It has been developed successfully for almost 2 months now, active since the first time of development! There are players waiting to meet and play with you. We have developers and mappers working every day to make your experience as most enjoyable as it can be. You can be whatever you want, no limits!

    What makes us different ?

    First, we have our own script from scratch. Which we can optimize its development more precisely. Secondly, we offer modern features that you can use completely, without any hassles. And thirdly, the administration team that is always on standby helps every time you need them. We always strive to maintain your trust and comfort as a player on our server. We always accept your opinion to support our quality.

    Main Features
    • Don't have any vehicles ? Don't worry, city bus would come after you !
    • Unique fire system for Los Santos Fire Department
    • Unique turf system
    • Unique house system, with electricity features
    • Dynamic faction system
    • Dynamic furniture system
    • Professional staffs, with full player supports
    • Unique jobs, and lot of opportunities
    • Regular feature updates
    • Unique inventory system
    Administration Recruitments

    We do not open official admissions, but we will see based on our live observations. If we think you deserve to be promoted, we will do it immediately.

    We need your support to keep growing, donating a little of yours will not make you poor. But it will make you richer. If you wish to be able to continue to see us evolve, you can donate in the following ways.

    Paypal : https://paypal,me/ProjectLS
    Bitcoin [QR Code] : https://ibb,co/kehXUy

    *change comas into dots*

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