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PLAY-SA Freeroam

Discussion in 'Server Advertisements' started by Rausen, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Rausen

    Rausen New Member

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    Aug 10, 2017
    Hello,our new server PLAY-SA it's ENGLISH Server Player Slot= 200 and has lots of features Premium(VIP),Gang system there is a different 9gangs Grove Street,Los Santos Vagos,Da Nang Boys,Triads,Mafia,Bikers,San Fierro Rifa,Aztecas,Ballas.

    Server IP:

    Gang system:You can join a gang for example Mafia after you join this gang you can attack enemy gang hoods and attack enemy gang members,when you attack enemy gang hood you can earn money,skills this gang system explained very well in the game with cmd /ganghelp.

    Friends System:Type /friend <ID> in-game to add someone to your friendslist after you add you can type /f <text> to talk in friendchat with your friends.

    Premium System:You can buy premium from /shop with using USD and get lots of special benefits after buying Premium Account like /color,/hide (to hide yourself on the minimap) /flip,create /vote and lots of things unless when you join type /benefits to see premium commands.

    Jobs system:There are so much jobs as you can do for earn money and skills,for more information when you join server type /jobs to check it.
    Jobs: Hotdog Vendor,Ice Cream,Paramedic,Trashmaster,Mining Job,Sweeper Job,Bus job and lots of!

    USD System: We have a USD system which you can buy stuffs from /shop (USD=Real cash) You can donate or you can buy them from /market with using in-game money.

    Shop System:In the shop system lots of stuffs as you can buy for example Premium Account: 5 Days 1.50USD - 30days 5.00USD etc.And you can buy Bulletprof Tires for your vehicle in /shop,Vehicle Neon,Vehicle Armour,Wheels for your vehicle and lots of things!

    /Cocain and /Marijuana: When you buy Cocain type /crack to use it for refresh your HP and when you buy Marijuana you can type /smoke for refresh your HP but Marijuana giving +25 and cocain +50HP.

    House System:You can buy houses in our server the houses marked as a green icon on your minimap stand on the house icon and press LALT to buy the house before buying you can type /houseinfo to check it.You can save your weapons,moneys to your house.

    Event system: There is a event system which have created by Administrators for fun and if you win the Event you will earn money.

    DM System:You can type /dm and choose one to join DM to play with your friends.

    TDM System:You can type /tdm and select TDM 1 or 2 To create TDM and other players wants to join they have to type /jointdm and have 30seconds to starts.

    Parkour System:You can type /parkour and join the parkour for earn money.

    Level System:When you do jobs play parkour,events,attack enemy gang hoods you can earn XP for new level for example = Level 1 - XP 0/2000 for 2nd Level after you earn 2000XP and up level to 2 on your next level the XP amount will increase.

    Thanks for reading guys,hope you liked and you will join our server!

    Don't forget to join our website: PLAY-SA.COM

    Server IP:
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