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Nexus FiveM Roleplay Server

Discussion in 'Server Advertisements' started by Nexus RP, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Nexus RP

    Nexus RP New Member

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    Mar 25, 2018
    Nexus RP is a fully public, open world GTA V roleplay server that is redefining the roleplaying landscape. A creative group of eight people came together with one goal in mind: to have fun! This council wanted to reinvent the roleplaying scene in GTA V and make it more enjoyable. We have a casual take to roleplaying, you are not required to put in a certain amount of gaming, we just want you to come join our server, partake in some roleplaying, and enjoy yourself.
    Our server has a wide variety of jobs available, including drugs, weapons smuggling or even being a hacker. The staff of NexusRP invites players to RP any job they wish! However, EMS/Fire/Police is whitelisted. If you are interested, just simply contact our council and we will give you access. Our server also has economy, so each job will give you some money in the bank. As long as you follow our simple rules, you have the ability to roleplay your dream!
    We simply ask that: You do not RDM or VDM, you must have a working and clear microphone (this is a server requirement), do not abuse/exploit bugs (if you have noticed one, post it to the bug-reports channel in Discord), do not use cheats or any sort of hacks, no racism, no harassing others, and just use your common sense.

    Our council is very active, so if you need assistance or have any questions...feel free to contact any of the council members or email us at: nexusrpserver@gmail.com

    Hope to see you roleplaying with us soon!


    -Nexus Council

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