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[Next Generation Gaming] Looking for Developers!

Discussion in 'Server Advertisements' started by NGGTyler, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. NGGTyler

    NGGTyler New Member

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    Apr 10, 2017

    GTA:Network Community Members,

    Hello! My name is Tyler and as it stands currently I am the Director of GTA:V Operations on a large gaming community known as Next Generation Gaming. Our community is primarily a SA:MP based community (San Andreas Multiplayer), and we are slowly moving forward with the times to a new game for our community to play. The founder of the community entrusted in myself to get together a team to help create this new server for our community, and we are looking for new developers!

    As it stands currently, we have a Development team of roughly four people. For our large demand and community size (over 80,000 registered and nearly 2,500 active members, as well as over 3,000,000 forum posts since our opening in 2010) we need to produce a great server for our player base to play on! We have a very large development schedule but we require more hands on deck to produce the server we want by the deadlines we have specified! Unfortunately as it stands currently, we cannot offer financial compensation but it is definitely something possible in the future.

    Our current requirements to become a GTA:V Developer for Next Generation Gaming goes as follows:
    • Experience working with C#
    • Knowledge of JavaScript
    • Good knowledge of MySQL (or ability to learn)
    • Able to use 3rd party API documentation
    • Ability to communicate effectively
    • Good time management

    If you meet these requirements and are interested in working with a large community that has experience in working with a project such as this, please email tyler@ng-gaming.net and CC nigel@ng-gaming.net with any info that helps to show what kind of developer you are. (Strengths/Weaknesses, Primary Language, Experience, Examples, etc.)

    To find out more about our community, check out our forums at www.ng-gaming.net/forums and browse through our many different discussions, sections, and posts talking about our community and the GTA:V project! Thanks for your interest & good luck to all applicants!
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