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Midlands County Roleplay. A new FiveM roleplay community.

Discussion in 'Server Advertisements' started by MMongGoose, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. MMongGoose

    MMongGoose New Member

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    Dec 3, 2018
    Hello Everyone, my name is Kenneth and I am the community owner and co-founder of MLRP or Midlands Roleplay.

    Our community has only recently been created and has gone through in-depth development to create the best server possible for the players. We now feel ready to present.

    As for our mods-
    Our server has a wide variety of mods and scripts to add ease and immersion to our roleplay, such mods/scripts include /me,/911,our own CAD/MDT, civilian license/profile system(on the CAD), skins for our LEO vehicles and peds, custom weapons and much more!

    As for our departments-
    Our server is currently recruiting for ALL departments including Blaine County Sheriffs Officer, Los Santos Police Department and the San Andreas Highway Patrol. The departments expect a high standard from their officers and that reflects on the high quality of RP we hope to create in this community. We are always looking for talented people to assist with leading these departments and representing them as MRLP officers.

    As for whitelist information and civilian information-
    Our server is public currently but we require you to be whitelisted if you wish to RP as an officer, we have few restrictions on roleplay as long as it fits the servers current player count, LEO count, is realistic and does not ignore any of our roleplay restrictions which are listed in the discord along with all other information. You DO NOT have to be whitelisted to RP as a civilian and we hope to see a wide variety of players and roleplay.

    Documentation and administration (for you document lovers)-
    Our server has all relevant documentation including a relevant penal code, rosters, SOPs, application forms, a list of our 10-codes, rules and regulations and much more administrative related documents.

    The server IP is listed in our discord along with links to all information you may still need/want. We are always looking for talented developers to improve our server and talented staff to help moderate. As this is one of my first posts on this site I am not able to post links so if you wish to join our discord feel free to add or DM MMongGoose#6927 on discord for an invite or you can search for our post on the FiveM forums. We hope to see many of you soon and look forward to future RP! Have a great day.
  2. James Miller

    James Miller Member

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    Dec 19, 2016
    GTA Network is dead, so why develope a script for this??

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