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How to fix error in GTA 5

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maiquocdat, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. maiquocdat

    maiquocdat New Member

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    Jun 22, 2018
    Social Club crashed.

    Reinstall Social Club using Installer
    Start GTA V, go to Document/RockstarGames/SocialClub/Profile/ delete ID folder and then Restart steam or restart Social Club.
    - Run GTA V Launcher as admin (if not Steam version ).

    "failed zlib call" or “Corrupt Game Data” error
    Download "Checksum Program" application and use it to check all file in GTA V folder
    If any file have different text ,delete thaat .rpf and Verify game again "Youtube : How to Verify Steam Cache" or "Create 1 commandline.txt in installed game folder and enter "-verify” if non-steam version
    x64a.rpf - 683610e269ba60c5fcc7a9f6d1a8bfd5
    x64b.rpf - 70af24cd4fe2c8ee58edb902f018a558
    x64c.rpf - 2a0f6f1c35ad567fe8e56b9c9cc4e4c6
    x64d.rpf - c8757b052ab5079c7749bcce02538b2e
    x64e.rpf - e5416c0b0000dad4014e0c5e9b878ff9
    x64f.rpf - 5c6fc965d56ae6d422cd6cbe5a65a3a5
    x64g.rpf - 1d8a64b337c3e07dffec0f53530cdb8e
    x64h.rpf - fe657d9282df303b080c3a2f6771c9ea
    x64i.rpf - bb271d313467465d62c75e208236487b
    x64j.rpf - 143deee4c7699b9f07ef21d43ae0915b
    x64k.rpf - da2c88b4ca69c99a86868a9433084a9d
    x64l.rpf - f4307b005a3e90192f235959621781d1
    x64m.rpf - a1304d84875747aa7405465d37d3c6fb
    x64n.rpf - c48a14fe1c301360a16e8b0c5472fd1d
    x64o.rpf - 6715a4eabbbc8868f15630bf917db49a
    x64p.rpf - 6ad56befada1db7cccd9cea7834c825b
    x64q.rpf - ff6d09527d7fdc005d3fa78435e09c8a
    x64r.rpf - 1465c9da5cc17b68f14915b6c1d815bc
    x64s.rpf - 2c6e61201eb4f60d5c3c1e9ae6d67a32
    x64t.rpf - 4c15a54a4c9573d7a0bcfa4689d9d1ed
    x64u.rpf - 2c9cff0cc5f99ad2218e4c4de39881b7
    x64v.rpf - db647120263d0282b6f6c555f6112a1c
    x64w.rpf - 46a4abe50bfc78c30c0173d888cf2c4a
    If all file are correct, verify game again if "Corrupt Game Data"

    Lag in game
    - Happen because of Graphic Card ,I dont want to damage your graphicard , open "Device Manger" choice "Display" and remove Driver Graphics Card and reinstall newer version Do not do thí if you dont know what you do.
    - Try Alt + Enter twice, it helps you.

    - "Self-Radio" also cause lagging if you did it you ,vou know, delete "User Music" in Document/Rockstargames/GTAV/Profile. Run game and open Setting/Audio/Full Scan for music and turn of auto-scan for music.
    - Upgrade system? I am kidding , no ! Really, upgrade your system, try it :

    Also SSD upgrading.

    Graphic Bug

    Beacause of Nvidia Card (Graphic Card, I do not want to damage your computer or anything, but if you know a lot, then upgrade your video card driver.
    Or remove the Driver Card again.
    (Do not do it if you do not understand what you doing)

    Fails in mission.
    - Go to Documents / Rockstar Games / GTAV / Profile / [ProfileID] delete these two files cfg.datpc_settings.bin
    - Try Setting / Startup / turn it ON and set "Load into Story Mode"
    - Do not use bombs.
    - Blitz Play missions: When getting "Geta Vehicle", park at the location follow this video tutorial

    Game crashed after loading into Story Mode.
    Load into Online then go Offline.

    No sound in the game.
    Check in Settings / Audio to see if Music and SFX 2 bars are small.
    Try to reinstall the sound drivers such as OpenAL, Realtek, Nvidia Audio, ... (Do not do if you do not understand)
    Install the DirectX End-User Web Runtime: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 - Laptop: Sometimes the game suddenly loses its sound when it folds or because of afk or too long, or due to sudden notification from the system to sound down. ~ Tommy Gay.

    We're sorry" - Game executable path not found. Please reinstall the game.
    Open GTA V as the Admin on the Desktop

    GTA V Load Texture error when driving too fast
    Open GTA V, ALT + Tab, then press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and go to Processes tab.
    Search for GTAV.exe> Right click on it> Select "Set priority" and select High. (Window 8/10 something must edit the "Show more Detail" to see, but it is located where I do not know)

    Error when Online. “You are attempting to access GTA online with an altered version of the game
    This happens when you have installed some offline mods, such as ScriptHookV. To fix this, delete the mod file in theGTA V directory and delete dinput8.dll.
    If you still can not try: Verify the game ". Youtube: How to Verify Steam Cache"
    Code 202
    202 bug has many ways to fix, many problem can cause it, but here are some ways that helped your game works again, you can comment more:
    - Add GTA5.exe and GTA5launcher.exe to the firewall with open port. (Google: How to add .exe to firewall)
    - Open Internet Explorer> Go to any example Google site> Then open the GTA. - Automatic DNS redirection (Google: How to change DNS to automatic.)
    - Reset Social Club (In the game folder, there is a folder called Installer, including Social Club Setup)
    - Open CMD (Click Window> Search bar> enter CMD and open it = admin rights) Then go to the blackboard write this line "ipconfig / flushdns" then press Enter then type "netsh winsock reset" then press Enter> then add "netsh int ipv4 reset" then Enter then Restart again. Comments from H.T Dat: Note: This method is almost correct for Windows 7, but Windows 10 is bad luck.
    - Click "Start"> Enter "Proxy" in the search bar> Select Lan Setings> Tick on "Use a proxy server for your LAN ..."> Then tick "Bypass proxy server for local addresses. Your comment: Rooney Thinh: - Here is the video that helped Rooney fix error 202: (Note to leave: When you are online, you can turn off the application also)

    Game load long because there is too much music in "User Music"
    - If you know how to add music and scan music, simply by turning off the "Auto-Scan" in "Audio" of "Settings". After turning off Auto-scan, press "Quick-Scan". Maybe the game will load faster next time, not delete the music.

    GTA V exits unexpectedl
    Delete all the files and leave the .rpf files and the x64 folder, then Verify the game.
    Verify the game: (Verify the game "Youtube: How to Verify Steam Cache" or "Create a commandline.txt in the game directory and enter" -verify "in the .txt file if you use the non-steam version.)
    Windows 10 makes loading game long
    Open GTA V, ALT + Tab, then press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and go to Processes tab. Search for GTAV.exe> Right click on it> Select "Set priority" and select High.
    - Create 1 Batch files. (Notepad required)
    Create a .TXT file (In notepad ...) copy the following line to save> Then save it named "Grand Theft Auto V.bat" then later open it with bat file.
    start steam: // rungameid / 271590 timeout 45 wmic process where name = "GTA5.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" wmic process where name = "gtavlauncher.exe" CALL setpriority "idle" wmic process where name = "subprocess.exe "CALL setpriority" idle "
    Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=452572051&insideModal=1 (There are only ways to change Icon for bat file, but I do not translate)

    NAT Scrict when playing GTA Online.
    Depending on your network, I do not know, do you know English? Check out this http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm and TCP Ports: 80, 443UDP Ports: 6672, 61455, 61456, 61457, and 61458
    Can not access Rockstar Servers. Activation of GTA V requires an internet connection.
    This error usually occurs in Non-Steam (Warehouse) The ways I know to fix this are: Go to Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center> Change Adapter Settings> Right-click your network and select Properties> select "IPv4"> Use the following DNS Server Addresses: Set Preferred DNS to and Alternate DNS is then press OK, try to open the game.
    Press the Start button> Type "CMD" and open it with admin. Type in the blackboard these lines: (Ctrl + C it, then to CMD right click select paste, not Ctrl + V where) ipconfig / flushdns nbtstat -RRnetsh int ip reset netsh winsock reset Then restart the computer.
    The last way I know: Add GTA V Launcher to Steam. (How to add non-steam game to steam) Then run the game through Steam

    “Rockstar Games Online Policies always appear while Online”
    Go to \ Documents \ Rockstar Games \ GTA V \ Profiles \ [ID]
    Then find two files named "cfg.dat" and "pc_settings.bin".
    Delete two files, go into the game, it will ask again, later it will run out.
    This is the last way, there is no alternative or fix.
    MFREADWRITE.dll is missing

    Because Windows 10 K / N lacks some of the integrated applications for gaming
    Check the version of Windows 10 that you are using and install it
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