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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Information' started by Adam, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. Adam

    Adam Staff Member Administrator Webmaster Developer

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    Apr 3, 2016
    Frequently Asked Questions
    (Continuously updated)

    Where's the Download Link?

    Here it is! LINK

    Is this a FiveRP project?
    No, GTA Network is an independent platform that is not under FiveRP or any other.

    Why can't I use the Wiki?
    The Wiki is already open. We'd like to see you over there. https://wiki.gtanet.work

    Gunna I be able to use a Pirated version?
    Hi-ho Pondy! we do not support pirated versions, an Anti-scurvy pirate system gunna be in place at release. ye hear me matey?

    Will it include a map editor and will it be supported?
    No, Map editor will be an independent component that you can already download from gta5-mods and Yes, map editor maps containing any kind of entity will be supported using an already working resource.

    Will there be ready-to-play servers at release?

    Yes, there will be a Roleplay server maintained by the FiveRP community and a All-in-One stunt/race/etc.. server maintained by myself and Guad.

    Which scripting languages will be used?
    Since work isn't complete yet, C# will be used for Server-side scripts and Javascript for Client-side scripts. Additional scripting languages may be added at future releases.

    Will CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) be implemented?
    Yes, It currently is fully implemented and working.

    Will this be Open-sourced?
    At this stage, we are not ready to make a decision whether it should be open-sourced or not.

    Will it be possible to prevent cheaters?
    Yes, we are currently working on a solution to do so.

    Does GTA Network use code from GTA: O?
    No, everything was written from scratch.

    What's the maximum player slots?
    We are not aware of player slots limitations but theoretically it should do 500+ just fine. (Maximum slots: 1000)

    We heard GTAV has entity (Objects, vehicles, etc..) limitations, will it be possible to go over the limits?
    Yes, we have already an entity streamer in place that works client-side to ensure performance. We were already able to load 17k of Objects in one dimension without running into framedrops.

    Why GTA:Network?

    Is this a question?

    Will hosting a game server require high-end servers?
    This will depend on the resources you will be using given gtanetwork's server does not use much resources so a low end server can do just fine.

    Will I have to install Visual Studio in order to compile scripts (resources)?
    Nope, you can write your resources in plain text (any text-editor/IDE will do fine) so compiling it is optional.

    Will I be able to share methods/functions across resources?
    Yep, the API will allow you to export any method or function you will need.

    Will it be possible to server-side stream custom game content textures?
    No, not at the moment.

    Will there be NPCs just like in single player? and will they be synchronized?
    There will only be static NPCs that will only follow instructions from your script and only those will be synchronized, Singleplayer-AI NPCs are removed due their paranoiac behavior (and many other reasons).

    Can players spawn their own vehicles using trainers?
    Nope, any non-serverside spawned entities will be despawned and even if they manage to spawn their own vehicles, they will simply be out of sync.

    Will we be able to use the in-game phone?
    The phone is disabled as it only contained singleplayer-related features.
    an alternative solution is to create your own phone using CEF, it will look even better than that peach phone or whatever.

    Will GTA Network have VoIP features? What about the screaming kids! have you thought of our poor ears?
    We cannot guarantee it, this wasn't planned at all but we had it placed as the lowest in our priority list just to please everyone, till this feature is added, alternative solutions are easy to implement by server owners.
    No worries, this feature will be disabled by default so those who wish to use it will have to manually enable it.

    Is it possible to stream custom sounds/music? and will it be possible to attach them to coords and entities?
    Yes, this has already been implemented and yes you will have to make your own resource to have it attached to coords and entities.

    Will it be possible to play as an animal?
    Yep, we love animals so why not?

    Will the GTA Network Client survive a shutdown by Take3?
    It should, direct connect and LAN servers discovery are already implemented but a decentralized masterlist is the trickiest so it's still in the works.

    Will GTA Network allow the use of the newest DLC contents?

    How does GTA Network work? does it use its own way of hooking?

    GTA Network uses what we all know ScriptHookV.NET which secures us the access to the internals in C# provided by ScriptHookV that is usually updated very quickly.

    What happens if R* releases an update and ScriptHookV does not support it?
    We temporarily revert your gta to the prior update that worked until ScriptHookV's update is released.

    Will GTA Network require downloading additional heavyweight files?
    No additional files are required, an updated game is enough.

    Does GTA Network mess up my Game Directory?
    Nope, any changes made to your game dir. are reverted on GTA Network's exit so there is simply nothing to worry about.

    Will GTA Network Launcher have an auto-updater?

    Should I buy Sharkcards?
    You better..

    Will I get banned from SocialClub for playing GTA Network?

    What's the catch?
    There's no catch, we're a non-profit community that loves GTA V and starves an enjoyable multiplayer with all the possible fancy customization.

    Will it be possible to bind certain scripts on keyboard buttons?
    You will be able to use both the whole keyboard by directly referencing specific keys, or use the game key->control mappings.

    How will the server/resource/ACL configuration files be?
    It will be similar to MTASA with resources and an ACL. Each resource will have a meta.xml where they should declare stuff like script files (you can have multiple), name/description/author, exported functions, config files, files to be sent to the client, etc

    Will the server support Linux?
    Ofcourse it should but it will require mono to be installed first.

    Will there be Virtual Worlds?
    Yes, we call them Dimensions and it works like in GTA O, in the sense that dimension 0 is visible to all other dimensions that way you can load interiors into other dimensions and be able to see the exterior from inside the apartment (Like the flying by jet scene from GTA O)

    Will we able to call and return natives client-side and server-side?
    Yep, and we made them much simpler now.

    Won't this project get closed?
    Let's hope not.
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