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Community Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Information' started by Adam, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. Adam

    Adam Staff Member Administrator Webmaster Developer

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    Apr 3, 2016
    Official Community Forum Rules
    (These rules are continuously updated)
    • Nudity, hate speech, harassment, racism, bullying, violence and graphic content are strictly prohibited.
    • No posting of another individual's private information without their consent.
    • Before posting, ensure you're posting in the right section.
    • For server advertising use the advertising section. Please do not advertise unrelated gta 5 services. Also, don't use the profile status for advertising.
    • Topic titles should be informative and relevant to the topic.
    • Search before you create a thread, if you ask a question that has already been answered, the topic will be locked.
    • If you want to ask a question in a thread make sure you look through the recent posts in it to make sure the question hasn't already been asked.
    • Try not to invoke any copyright infringements as those will only make it harder for us to keep this community alive by having to deal with unhappy copyright owners.
    • Before replying to a thread, make sure that your reply is related to the main argument (OT is not allowed) and that it doesn't violate any forum rule. Refrain from spamming posts such as "ok", "nice", "good" and so on. Write something that is actually contributing and makes sense.
    • Back seat modding is not tolerated: if you see someone violating the rules report them to the moderators and let them handle it.
    • Sharing malware or any kind of potentially harmful software is strictly prohibited.
    • This section encourages open-source material, anything closed source that is not of an official/trusted source will be subjected to review & removal.
    • Included closed-source material (libraries and such) should be noted in the thread with both the official source link and MD5 hash.
    • Using someone else's work without their permission is unacceptable.
    • You're only allowed create thread for your own mod, creating a thread for a friend's mod or another party isn't allowed.
    • Nudity mods are allowed except that the screenshots should absolutely not appear on forums.
    External links and mirrors:
    • Download links must not require registration or a survey.
    • Download links must not limit the amount of available downloads.
    • Download links must not expire after a pre-defined amount of time.
    • Download links must not put users through another site just to get to the actual download.
    • Download links must not go through an ad site (such as adfly).
    • Any kind of refer link is not allowed.
    In conclusion:
    • We strongly recommend using our forum attachments and Pastebin (link) for a reliable and long-lasting hosting.
    • Any threads that do not comply with the mentioned rules will have their links removed and may eventually be locked.
    • Remember to keep yourself updated with the rules by checking this post from time to time, as staff might edit it at any moment
    • Punishment can be assigned from staff members at their discretion; this means that two posts that are apparently the same might be punished in two different ways, and that's because each punishment is assigned following some criteria such as: subject recidivism, gravity of the situation, general context and so on.
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