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Basic Scheduler

Discussion in 'Tools' started by fauconjona, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. fauconjona

    fauconjona Member

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    Feb 18, 2017
    Hello everyone,

    I'm here to share my first tool :=) . It's a simple scheduler to execute specific tasks at specific times.

    The resource is available on my git hub: https://github.com/fauconjona/Scheduler

    With the scheduler you can:
    • Send a global message
    • Start/Stop/Restart a resource
    • Trigger a custom event
    • Execute a process (like "reboot.cmd")
    It's very simple to use:

    1. put the "scheduler" resource in your resource folder
    2. put "schedules.xml" into your GTANetwork-server root folder
    3. Configure the "schedules.xml":
      <job type="message" value="This message was sent by Scheduler!" time="12:00" /><!-- Send a global message-->
      <job type="process" value="reboot.cmd" time="13:00:00" /><!-- Execute a process-->
      <job type="resource" value="speedometer" time="14:00" action="start" /><!-- Start a ressource-->
      <job type="resource" value="speedometer" time="14:15" action="stop" /><!-- Stop a ressource-->
      <job type="resource" value="speedometer" time="14:30" action="restart" /><!-- Restart a ressource-->
      <job type="event" value="myEvent" time="15:00" /><!-- Trigger a custom event-->
    • type : Simply the type of the task
    • value : The value used by the task
    • time : Time to execute the task
    • action (optional): only for "resource" type, specify the action to do with the resource
    For custom event, add this in your C# file:

    API.exported.scheduler.OnScheduleEvent += new ExportedEvent(Scheduler_OnScheduleEvent);
    private void Scheduler_OnScheduleEvent(object[] args)
        API.consoleOutput("Event :" + (string)args[0]);
    To finish, add
    in "settings.xml"

    I hope you like it,

    If you have any suggestion or problem, tell me on this thread.

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