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AceRP - Heavy Roleplay - Text Based - English

Discussion in 'Server Advertisements' started by Reagan, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Reagan

    Reagan Member

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    Apr 6, 2017




    About Us:
    AceRP is a heavy roleplay, text-based community centered around Grand Theft Auto V for PC. We here at AceRP strive to bring you; the player and the community the best roleplay platform and script that can be given. We pride ourselves in listening to what the community wants, and putting their suggestions and needs first. Our goal is to bring the best roleplay experience than any other roleplay community, because here at AceRP, The Sky is the Limit.


    About The Staff:

    The Staff here at AceRP is made up of many experienced individuals, all from other popular communities, who have dedicated themselves to this community and the player. They have pledged to give the player the best roleplay experience that can be offered. Through hard work, and dedication, each and everyone of you will come to rely on each individual staff member, as they assist you in your very own roleplay, helping you pave the way to your dreams. If you have any questions or any complaints, please get in touch with our Director of Staff, or create a report in the correct section. We are always looking for people to join our team, if you are interested please let us know!


    Features for AceRP v1.0:

    Register/Login script

    Housing System




    Market value

    Business System



    Types (More will be added later)



    Make you addicted hard

    Gives you random mood stages you can decide to roleplay


    Adds minor screen effect

    Minor addiction

    Give you message about stages and hints how to rp it


    Adds Screen Effect

    Make you addicted hard

    Gives you random mood stages you can decide to roleplay

    Some pills

    Adds Screen Effect

    Make you addicted hard

    Gives you random mood stages you can decide to roleplay

    Weapon System

    Store Weapons inside your car

    Store weapons inside your house

    Store weapons inside your business

    Make weapons visible on you(Unconfirmed)

    Tax System

    Each player will pay some sort of Tax, depending on what vehicles, houses and business he owns

    A percentage of the tax will go into a government fund.



    Search criminal records of people

    Check vehicle registration

    Post APB’s

    Edit wanted records

    Set Prison time

    LSPD Vehicle system

    Control their flashing lights

    Get some weapons from the cruiser

    Rope down from helicopter(Unconfirmed)

    Station jail

    Locker room

    Riot gear(If any available)

    Duty system



    Parking tickets

    Fire Department

    Staff able to create fire

    Fighting fire

    Pills against drug addiction

    Able to pull injured people into an vehicle

    People don’t die they go into injured stage

    View injuries of people

    Money system




    Wire transfer

    ATM System

    ATM Cards

    Bank System

    Drop cash on the floow

    Cell Phone System

    Chat System

    Spawn System

    Customize your character

    Hunger/Thirst System

    Admin System (Not all features listed)

    Report a player




    Spawn vehicle

    Spawn item

    Spawn money

    Remove money


    Admin duty Color

    Admin Duty Skin


    Store locations

    Teleport to stored locations

    Edit player stats

    Create house

    Create business

    Edit house

    Edit business

    Remove house

    Remove business

    View player stats

    Freeze player

    God mode

    Change stats of vehicle

    Add/remove fuel of vehicle

    Vehicle system

    Start/Stop Vehicle Engine

    Damage to vehicle

    Damage creating permanent damage to different parts

    Replace damaged parts


    Fuel system

    Licensing system

    Driver (DMV)

    Weapon (can only be given by police)



    Medical license - BLS, ALS, Doctor(only be given by medics)

    All licenses have a in-game test apart from the one from FD and PD

    Renting a vehicle from different stores

    Faction system




    Create ingame by admin



    FIB (Stage 2)



    Street Gang

    Create drugs


    Create weapon parts


    Will be scripted in depending if we feel the faction deserve it




    Trucker job

    Garbage collector

    Pizza delivery

    Taxi driver


    Mood controller

    Inventory system

    Prison system

    Character system

    Advertisement system

    Donation System

    Toggle-able adverts

    Toggle-able donator chat channel in game (/don)

    Username Change

    Character Name Change

    Assets transfer from a character to an alternative

    Cellphone Custom number (Must be 10 numbers)

    Extra character slots

    Golden nametag on forums and TeamSpeak

    Forum and TeamSpeak channel for donators

    User group on teamspeak

    Increase vehicle slots

    Toggle-able incoming private message

    Personalized vehicle licence plates

    Forum/UCP/FD/PD Website:

    PD will have their own forums (Completed)

    FD will have their own forums (Completed)

    UCP is in development. Features listed below:

    Fully integrated login with Server Database

    Character management (stats, edits, displays)

    Interior stats

    Vehicle management / stats (what)

    Org. Management (Complex system for organization leaders) (WUT)

    Advanced applications system with voting (Not first round)

    Support center for help and reports with notifications.

    Overall server stats page, detailed database output

    Staff promotion/demotion systems

    User social and status updates

    Forum RSS feed on homepage

    Administration section to manage ingame features and users

    Donation system & Shop

    Announcement systems

    User admin history. (Bans / kicks / jails / punishments)

    Forums are currently up at forum.ace-rp.com (Competed)
    Estimated Launch Information:
    We are expecting to enter the testing phrase of our development in the last week of may/first week of June, this will be what we consider Alpha testing. A few members of the community that have supported us through good and bad times will be invited to that. Apart from that our upcoming testing and staff team will be testing every little inch of that script so we kill as many bugs as possible.

    Once the Alpha testing week is over, we are expecting to develop until the end of June and go into beta stage. This stage the server will be released for players to get on. Difference between Beta and final release is that there might be multiple restarts during the first two weeks as we add features and fix issues with the server.

    Once beta stage is over we will go into full release mode. From here on out all restarts will be scheduled and only emergency bug fixing will cause a restart to go down. Our entire staff team will be putted in place into the server and run as normal server.

    Remember the above is an estimate at the current given time. If is done before we expect no more than one week before, if after we expect up to three weeks after the estimate.

    Looking for Devs: We are still open for developers, especially front end/Javascript developers. If you are interested in applying, please follow the steps listed at the link below:


    Join Us

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    Apr 16, 2018
    Good luck Yes~~
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  3. Dodo

    Dodo New Member

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    Apr 16, 2018
    Server on the Gta Network platform? Is it too late? He kind of closed, or am I wrong? And the idea is good: D
  4. Pablo098

    Pablo098 New Member

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    May 4, 2018
    God job!
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